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Gary Pope Jr. - Original Paintings

Gary Pope Jr. – Original Paintings

Welcome to Pope Fine Art. My name is Gary Pope Jr. and this is my art.

BIO – General Statement

In my artwork, African culture is an important part of my art because my culture is what makes my artwork have meaning to me. I feel that my culture makes me a better artist because both American culture and African culture influence me. Both cultures help me as an artist. Moreover, as an artist, I have the ability to express myself without saying a word. Like the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I like having the audience “read” my artwork as if he or she is reading a novel. I want the audience to just read my artwork but to enjoy it as well. I feel that art is educational; it has a message for all people. For instance, a person could see a particular artwork as a specific time in history. As an artist, I have the power to recreate special events, and make them last throughout time.

BIO – Painting

In my painting, When We Were Kings, I try to educate the audience in African culture of the past, when Africans were Kings, Queens, and slaves. Moreover, in this painting I used realistic and abstract images to produce a painting that tells a fictional story of a King and his people. An author uses a pen to narrate his audience through the story, but as an artist I am able to narrate my audience through my vision by using my paintbrush.

Another example that shows artwork as educational is the painting, A Man With A Dream. I used different images that symbolized a time when blacks were segregated from schools, bathrooms and restaurants. However, in this painting I constructed a painting that tells the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and his struggles of equal rights for African Americans. This painting, A Man With A Dream, makes my audience who were not born during that time in history to think about what Dr. King and our ancestors had to sacrifice for us and the future leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to my father for telling me about great men like Dr. King, I have the ability to give tribute to him as an artist.

BIO – Drawing

In my artwork, drawings are very important because drawings are the blueprints for my paintings, designs, and other art projects. My ideas are sketched out on paper and I can refer back to them when I begin my art projects. However, in practicing form making, drawings are quicker and less expensive than most mediums. For example, I can do many sketches of a particular artwork, because I do know how I want the composition to be resolved. By doing sketches, I can arrange my composition to my liking. As an artist, drawings have helped me to express my ideas in many art projects.

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  1. My husband and I saw your artwork today at the Port St. Joe farmers market. We absolutely fell in love with your work you are an amazingly talented! We could not decide which one we wanted to take home with us! We vowed we HAVE to bring one of your gifts home. Do you have a website or when we can save our pennies (lol) do we just go thru here?? Again, thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

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